Sunday, January 13, 2008

Curio Obscura

So Chic and I were 'sploring in a japanese sim when he found a vendor for the above witch broom. To quote Fade, it is the Ghost Rider of witches brooms. The creator writes:
"Rile the Skies aboard this Wearable effect of sculpted gleaming chrome and wood! Appears in a puff when you fly, leaves a trail of fire and smoke behind you!

The BroomCycle is not a traditional "vehicle". To use the BroomCycle, simply WEAR it. When you fly, the BroomCycle will appear in a puff of white smoke. Then simply fly as you normally would. When you're flying along, fire and smoke will spew from the six exhaust pipes. When you want to disembark, simply stop flying and the BroomCycle will disappear in another puff of smoke."

Intrigued, we went to the main store, Curio Obscura, to check out what else the creator had made. She doesn't have a lot of stuff, but what she does have is fantastic.

Chicanery and I bought got the steampunk version of an Inspector Gadget helicopter hat. You get black, brown, pink, red and white. All are scripted to have copter parts pop out when you start flying. To the left you can see Chicanery landing and the copter parts getting pulled back into the top of the hat. He's wearing the black version.

On the right is me in the hat normal. It's a nice sculpted top hat, very classy. I tinted to a different color brown to match my jacket. The creator writes:

"The Topter Hat features SmartScale for easier rescaling for people of different heights. You can't change the size of individual parts of the Topter Hat because that would break the animation but, if you resize the hat as a whole, all of the animation will scale to match. In addition, some scaling of the handlebars will happen automatically depending on how tall you are."

We had some issues getting ours to work right away, but if you reset the scripts they tend to work or sometimes they just fix themselves.

I also picked up a cog brain. You get 3 different colors, silver, copper, and black, each with 3 styles and particle smoke. All the cogs move and teetertottery things teeter totter.

Also at Curio Obscura you can find, steam punk extendo legs, a copper clockwork girl skin, a victorian clockwork girl dress and a bunch of very cool sculpted witch hats that look like they are out of a Studio Ghibli film.


R. said...

The skins are downright amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting the shop! We've only just opened so I'm very excited to be getting customer so quickly.

The strange behavior from the Topter Hat seems to be a new SL bug which causes prim animation to sometimes become stuck. I spoke to Todd Borst and he verified that this broken animation problem has been happening with things people make with Puppeteer as well. You can recognize the problem when some of the prims only rotate or only change position instead of doing both. I think prim change data is somehow getting stuck in the asset server's data queue or something (although I'm just guessing there).

Sadly, since this is a bug in SL, I can't seem to find a way to make the script in the Topter Hat fix it.

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround you can use which won't require you to reset all the scripts. Simply enter edit mode and then resize the hat. You don't have to change the scale by much. You can just hold down CTRL+SHIFT and then barely tap the scale controls. For some reason, this seems to make the prim animation work again and you should be able to reset the animation simply by flying and landing again.

- Pandora Wigglesworth

My Blog said...

Then simply fly as you normally would. When you're flying along, fire and smoke will spew from the six exhaust pipes.