Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gritty Kitty: Shamrock Necklace

At the Gritty Kitty store in Koreshan only.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gritty Kitty: Scene Hair

This hair is at my main store in Koreshan. You can get full color or two toned. The little bow is texture scripted. It's made with the new shiney textures.

So far, everyone who has sent me snapshots or I've seen on Flickr wearing it looks awesome (see Arbel below and Trinitee above in the ad) so that's just a freaking awesome feeling. :3

Monday, March 3, 2008

Meat Babies are here!

At last a tasty treat made from 100% meat and meat by products that you can also nurture and adore, all in one easy to open can! Chicanery's orginal Meat Babies "taste like meat, feel like love." inside you will find one sculplted bundle of joy that is animated to flail and squirm,a pose so you can hold it in your arms, and when you touch your meat baby it purrrs lovingly .

Meat babies also are a good source of nutrition and can be made into a hearty meal in a matter of minutes.

Look for the Meat Baby display wherever Chicanery meat products are sold and pick up a can.

Uruha-Gaz hair

Could this name be any more like a cough-sneeze?

Uhura-gaz (I swear I had a logical reason for naming it this) is new at Gritty Kitty. This hair was made from the same reference picture I used on gazette, but looks closer to it than gazette ever did. It's a much cleaner style than gazette which also has streaks but is a bit messy.
I am using new textures c/o trinitee. These have shine on them, something I used to hate, but I'm now embracing. The hair is built to have more movement than I usually put in my hairs. You can either buy it in a solid color or a streaked color (usually black with a color, but there is the browns featured in the ad too.)

So from here on out I will probably use these new style textures. They aren't backwards compatible with my old hair, so you can't request an old hair in a new color.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Outta The Closet: Inferno

It's very rare that I leave my house and adventure off into the world of the unknown pixels.. but Krius found these jackets on the forums and as soon as I put on the outfit... I fell in love with it. This jacket is extremely well made and I just adore the whole look. Most of this outfit is called Inferno from Barerose.. with a few minor little tweaks. For instance.. the outfit comes with tats, socks and a bikini top to wear under it. but im a very modest avatar so i went with the cami. :P Paired off with some worn out socks and some trespasser boots and Voila.. we have this outfit. (details below)

Jacket, Pants: Barerose: Inferno
Cami: Celestial Studios: Trixie Cami - Nightfall
Nails: Sinistyle: Sinistyle Faded Black Nails
Hair: ETD: Emily
Boots: Sinistyle: Sinistyle Trespasser Beware
Socks: Sinistyle: Sinistyle Gym Black