Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wynx Whiplash's Neko ears

So what else can I say other than these are great? *ponders* Not much. They are just really really great! I don't have any criticism. They look like real cat's ears and are HUD scripted to twitch and show happy, sad or angry emotions. Also they are mod so you can edit the hell out of them

Pretty snazzy!. You can get these @ Wynx's Store.

Normally I'd be more verbose so make the post look more artistically even to me, but... I got nothing. This last paragraph helped though with my blog-shui.

*updated with pictures not taken while in a 1am sleep deprivation coma. Day 2 and I still freaking love these ears.

Koreshan Movie From Kitty

Monday, August 27, 2007

minajunk shop open!


(Reporter:Banyanya Men)

Burnt Toast: Summery Salmon Meal

I’ve always loved to cook and as it turns out, I’m pretty good at it! I opted not to go to culinary school when I graduated from high school but I did continue with it as a hobby. I also think that everyone can be a great chef they just don’t always know how or just don’t think about it. Eating in is cheaper, healthier, and can be a lot of fun. So I decided to do a cooking piece as my contribution to the Koreshan blog and I hope you like it.

My first meal that I want to share with you is filling, light, and nice for hot weather. It is Salmon with cucumber sauce, steamed mix vegetables, and rice.


2 pots (2qt or bigger with lids)
A metal steamer insert
Baking pan or cookie sheet
Large mixing bowl
Cooking utensils
Sharp knife
Aluminum foil


2-4 Salmon Steaks (or as many as you need)
Salt & Pepper
Brown Rice (10 min bags or quick cook works well)

8oz Sour Cream (regular, reduced fat, or fat free all work well. I use reduced fat)
8oz PLAIN yogurt
Dijon mustard
1 Cucumber
Dried or fresh dillweed

1 head broccoli
1/3lb (or a few handfuls) green beans
Zucchini (yellow, green or both)
½ lb baby red skin potatos
Package baby carrots
*You can substitute or omit these vegetables for any others. Same with the amounts. These are just estimates of what I usually use but go ahead and make it your own*


Fill one pot about half way with water and the other only covering the bottom of the pot. Start both pots of water boiling over med-high heat. Adding a few pinches of salt to the water helps it boil hotter and flavors the water.

Set your oven to broil. Line your baking pan with aluminum foil to make cleanup easier. Season salmon steaks with salt and pepper then sprinkle each side with dill. Place each steak on the pan a few inches apart.

*Check the instructions on your box of rice and follow them. I like to use the boil-in-bag types they are easy and hard to overcook. Just drop the bag in a pot of boiling water and leave it alone for 10 min or so.*

Put the pan of salmon into the broiler. The rule of thumb for broiling salmon is 10 min per inch of thickness. Generally 10 min is going to do it. Salmon doesn’t need to be turned to cook through.

Wash and pat dry your vegetables to be steamed. With a sharp knife and cutting board, cut them into desired size. It is best to quarter the potatoes length wise so they cook evenly. Drop the metal steamer insert into a pot of boiling water where the water just comes to the bottom of the steamer. Put your veggies in and lid it up! These should be done in about 5-10 min. You can test with a fork. If it pierces the potatoes easily then they are good.

While everything is boiling, steaming, and broiling away…

Empty the yogurt and sour cream into the mixing bowl. Add about a tsp. of mustard and about 2 tbs dill. Mix. Wash and peel cucumber then cut into thick-ish slices. Stack the slices short (2-3 slices high) and slice lengthwise. Turn the stack and slice lengthwise again. This is an easy way to dice them! Once the cucumber is diced, add desired amount to the yogurt/sour cream mixture and mix that in well. Your gourmet sauce is done! Now all you have to do is wait for the rice, salmon, and veggies to be finished and plate them up and enjoy!

For those making this as a special meal that might want to pair this with a good wine, I suggest a Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Bonny Doon Riesling work well also!

To all my graphic designer brothas (Completely Irrelevant to SL)

I found this song yesterday that can pretty much sum up the last 2 jobs I had and anyone else who has had to do design work for a client will love this.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This Week in Koreshan

New stuff that came out here this week.

@Draconic Kiss

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hey! Sexyface.

As the mid-morning sun attempts to brightens Randy's living room through his closed blinds,he tugs up his argyle socks,and notices the rush from his breakfast soda and a stirring of confidence along his backbone. Today is the is Randy's Day.

Hair-SiniStyle "Petrelli" Hair
Top-Sci Props STAR TREK - Classic Uniform - Sciences
Bottom-Second Thoughts-Field Khakis from the Gentlemen's Fieldwear set
Socks- Musashi-Do Higlandwind Scottish suit thingy set
Accessories -Inhaler purchased on onrez, Nylon Outfitters-Thick Glasses- Tonic Slip-On black&white-Tricorder available at in a vendor at the Sci Props place-Gritty Kitty Aviation Belt

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Corporate Swag: Nissan Altima

Corporate Swag is the first of many bloggings about outside Business influence in Second Life. Why blog about the big bad business influence? I care solely because the company I work for cares, and I like free shit.

Every SIM will be rated on the following:

  • Swag- freebies

  • Beauty- Because if you are paying a developer, it better look good.

  • Ingenuity- Does it push the bar at all? Is it relevant to SL users?

  • Branding- Lets not forget that they are trying to sell you crap.

This weeks SIM review is NISSAN ALTIMA ISLAND. (Nissan Altima 122, 181, 28 (PG))
Thanks to Sinjun for modeling and humoring my free swag fest. In case you for some reason don't know, Nissan is a car company. They make what I'm guessing is middle of the line, decent vehicles that run on gas and have like seatbelts and wheels... I don't fucking know! Cars are big mechanical monsters that want my money and are constantly making tingy and rrrrring noises that my mechanic says are bad.

Lets clear it up right here, even though my dad, grandfather, 4 brothers, mother and a sister all worked as car dealers, mechanics, salesmen, service people etc, I managed to come out squeaky clean and knowing jack shit about cars. And I'm oddly proud of it.

What I do know is videogames and stupid toys that entertain the masses. :D BRING ON THE SWAG!

The Nissan ALTIMA sim (not to be confused with the sentra sim) has 7 fun toys you can pick up for free including a HOVER car. Yes, instead of the boring ol' cars that just drive on roads, the SL Altima flies! It does all the other things a car does, change colors, it has lights, makes noises. I've never owned a dominus, but I'm guessing if you want a free car but don't want to buy it, this is a nice option.

Other than cars you can pick up (none of these are the proper names): A catapult, a Wheelie car thing, an Ava Suit, Grappling Hook, Ava HUD, and a pet Bee er.. Kee.

I have pictures, because as we all know in SL, reading is for losers. To the right is the thing I have decided to call "Wheelie car." Everything you get has a little notecard to explain what the gadget represents to the real life car. I, of course, just kinda skimmed and retained nothing.

To the left is the catapult. It seemed promising, but since the sim was set to no push probably due to griefers, it didn't catapult Sin into the Sun like I was secretly hoping. Nothing against Sin, I just wanted to feel like Superman for a second.
Sakuradawn went with a friend and there IS an area where you can catapult, but not into the sun. :(

Next up is the ava hud. Ever wander around and then leave a sim only to go "GODDAMN IT I WISH I HAD A BACK BUTTON!" The ava hud is a back button. This is actually a very useful toy, except I think it will randomy make "NISSAN" appear over your head.

I saved the best for last, the pet Bee, er Kee. This little bee is customizable. He plays fetch! You can ride him! And he's really good at oogling your friends. I really love the bee. His wings and eyes move about as he follows you and then wanders around to check other people out.

My bee loves Sinjun.

You know what is the downright greatest thing about this sim? YOU CAN GET THE SCRIPTS, ANIMATIONS, AND SOUNDS FOR ALL ITEMS FULL PERM. :D They have a little sandbox area so you can screw around with everything. That by far makes this one of my favorite Corporate sims, as I like to dissect things.

  • Swag- 5/5! Superb!

  • Beauty-2/5! It's very showroom-esque. Not exactly a place you'd want to go on a photoshoot.

  • Ingenuity- 4/5! I've been to many corporate sims, and I think Nissan should get points for at least trying to create swag that is useful or fun for the average SL user. A flying car is always better than a nonflying car and the things like the ava hud which are helpful tools, show they actually thought about Second Life when they started their build.

  • Branding- 5/5! Even though I have the attention span of a child, I can see that the way they tied all their gadgets back into the car was very well done. Would I buy a Nissan? I dunno, I don't like cars, but at least it's one of the top brands that come to my mind now.

Thanks to ElectricSheep for probably getting paid assloads to build this sim. \o/ yaaaay!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Never Die @ Old Gravy

Satine has been a creation making machine over at Old Gravy. Which is great for us so we can bask in the uberness of Old Gravy product. This style is titled Never Die II.. the awesomeness sequel to Never Die. This is a long flexi style hair with her new wavy textures that look quite realistic. The cute part is how the hair pulls up and swirls around creating some vintage twists on each side of the head.

The hair comes in a slew of colors. (hOMG did I just say slew.. eeps I did!) You can grab either a solid color or a two toned color for a lil more funk. They're all awesome so you might as well just go crazy and grab more than just one color. At $150L each it's a great deal. Now that's what I call.. Gravy.

So live a little and Never Die.... Twice.

Teleport To Old Gravy Now

This Week in Koreshan

This is where we tell you all the new stuff that came out in Koreshan this week.

@ Refuge




@ Black Cat

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dolfies- slightly more likely to come alive and murder you ISL

My neighbor collects these anime dolls called Dollfies and Obitsus. The Obitsus are her favorite because they have huge breasts. My neighbor is a strange girl...

If you are wondering what a dolfie is, I have a picture!
---> that is it.
And that one is a BOY dolfie. You read me... BOY. I don't know if the actual dolls are anatomically correct because whenever I'm over their place I'm too scared that they will come to life and kill me. They are like 3 ft tall.. I've seen Child's Play. Demonic dolls don't fuck around.

So today's blogging is on how Draconic made perfectly awesome male dollfie skins and no one is buying them so what the holy heck is wrong with that scenario.

These skills are very pretty and shiny with ball joints.
(I am not a good describer.. just look at the pictures.)

My neighbor shells out $300+ on these damn dolls IRL and I swear she's boff them if she could. In Secondlife... here is your chance to boff one! :D
Sex sells right? *coughs* >_> Look I slept through my business courses. 8am is not a good time for me.

The poses in the above picture came from the Broken Doll AO from ANA_mations: ANA_Mations and *Fantasies by Fa, Sterling Heights (98, 90, 23)

<-- To the left: Noam's attempt at Male Dolfie face. Big eyes! Not just shape wise, but actual eye-wise. You can find anime eyes in the Nakama Sim as well as at AnneRose. "::. ANNE(^-^)ROSE .::" HQ, Awenhai (2, 233, 24)

Next I found a fluffy hair. Since I make fluffy hair this was very easy. But I also recomend Kin Keiko's hair because many of the styles remind me of stuff I've seen on a dolfie. Kin / Relika, Eventide South (93, 229, 36)

Lastly, it's a doll, you can dress it however you want. I personally think they all want to be dressed like Glam rock era David Bowie. The outfit below I picked up from Bare Rose and it's called Decadence.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kawaiifying yourself

Lets cut the crap here. No one actually reads blogs unless there is a flame war going on. We just look at the pictures and look for keywords like the store name or names of the items being worn. Today I am posting about, Ichigo Mayo's Unreal Avatars.

<-- see that face? I could type anything here and it wouldn't matter because these anime avatars are so freaking cute all you'll be doing is going "OMG! *squeezes the little chibis*"

And I can't blame you, as since we all bought these I've had the physical urge to eat myself, Trintee, Chic and Hana's avatars because my brain cannot handle such cuteness and has regressed into animalistic urges of simply wanting to gnaw and drool on things.

It's ok though, stop petting the monitor, you too can be a cute little anime boy or girl. All you need to do, is log onto SL and click on this link: Ichigoya Souhonpo

For just L$380 you get and avatar head, an assortment of eyes, skin and boy & girl shapes. These avatars work with your normal clothes and hair. You just need to stretch the hair a bit.

All photos are framed using the Huddy Buddy from Canimal.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Parade Coat @ Gritty Kitty

First of all thangs... This blog turned out amazing. Thanks go out to Noam for designing the whole blog and slaving away getting it all perfect for us... and another thanks to Chic for taking the time to shove us all in a 'photo booth' and snappin our mugs and getting the film strip ready for us. You both did a great job!

and now .. onto the post. :D

Ok so i'll be the first to shamelessly plug a Kore designer. The Parade Coat at Gritty Kitty made me wanna hunkify my male avatar... and thanks to Noam i have something pretty to look at and drool.. other than Krius of course ;) Anyhooters... this jacket is fantastical with it's prim straps in the front.. the collar, the sleeves and the hot flexi bottom of the coat. Now im not a wonderous fashion blogger by any means but I do feel like pictures speak more than words so just gaze lovingly (or not so lovingly if you choose not to) at the photo above and marvel at the wonders of this jacket we call.. Parade Coat. Go get it at Gritty Kitty!