Monday, October 27, 2008

Witches, Spookies, and Candies...More Halloween

New and just in time for Halloween, Chicanery and ANA_Mations have teamed up to create a VERY fun AO for you Witches this year. 

The Adult version of the AO has 10 fun hovering stands with full walk/run/flyup/flydown/flyforward/hover abilities. 

It comes with  a sculpted broom made especially for this AO. 

The Kids version has all the same capabilities, but only 5 stands (3 that are different and fun for kids). 

both include  a bonus sculpted witches hat with a  color change band 
the hat can also be purchased on its own. 


The Spookies Rezzor Hud rezs 4 types of fun flying followers a Ghost, a Witch on a broom, the Pumpkin Creep and a Imp all are sculpted and include fun details they work just like the copter cat huds but with spooky. 

as part of The Gridwide Ghost Busters event 

there is a ghost in my store that contains a candy pack that includes a candy corn hat, cand corn fangs, a mouthful of candy corn and candy pumpkins and a gesture to show a little scuplted candy bag and show people your mouthful of treats all that for free :) 

Everything here can be found at my main store in Koreshan  the Witch AO is also avalibile at ANA_mations

Friday, October 10, 2008

Things from Gritty Kitty

Happy Halloween damn it! As usual, dollarbie halloween swag at Gritty Kitty locations. This year you get a sculpted orange and black stripey scarf (as is the tradition) in regular and skinny. I have revamped the witch hat from last year with a new buckle and sculpted hat cone. It's still colorchange on touch. Get all that for $L1 at my shops in Koreshan, The Block, & Harajukubox.

The NOT free one:

These headwings are color change (texture scripted on touch) and are modeled after Morrigan's from that videogame... with Morrigan in it.
This is at the Koreshan store and I can't remember if I put it out at other places.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Tiny Trick or Treaters are at Chicanery
Ive made them in a few styles, Tiny ones that sit on your shoulder, Display versions  that are great for setting in front of your house or in your Halloween Display, and a Tiny Avatar version to wear while trick or treating or just to bother people for candy and treats. All come with 2 custom sounds Trick or Treat and Candy!. You can find them all at my main store in Koreshan
at the large Halloween display. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I am kicking off my Halloween stuff with Scarecrows, here is a small video presentation to get you in the mood.

I would like to thank Surrealia Anatine for all her work on editing and directing that,you can watch more of her wonderful work here. The following Scarecrow items can be found at my store Chicanery.