Monday, December 7, 2009

New hunt @ Draconic Kiss

Yes thats right. Yet another hunt! This time the theme is tarot cards. The grid wide hunt runs Dec 7th - January 7th. More info on the hunt can be found HERE

So for my contribution to this hunt I have made a gold under bust corset with the empress on the front. Hope you all enjoy

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's "new" at Gritty Kitty (Non Hair related stuff)

Yesterday I posted all the new hairs I've made over the last couple months that never made it onto the Koreshan Blog. I didn't want to spam the hell out of people so I waited till today to do the non hair items.

I'm posting this first because I am so proud of it. This bag took me forever to make. I changed the sculpts probably a billion times, I played with the coloring for weeks and in the end, I am sooooo happy with this bag. It's very silly and I had the idea for it when I was drawing on my friend's messenger bag at work. It's like my baby that took 2 months of labor to birth, but it makes me smile every time I see it. I want to sew one irl I think.

A couple weeks ago I had a "I wanna make a bunch of glasses" weekend when I made these and Ducklips. These are texture scripted to change frame color (mostly dark colors) and lens color. I made a bunch of reflection lenses. If you look close at the old man.. you can see a porn website. :D Caaaaaause I'm a pervert.

I wanted some new glasses to wear that were thick framed so I made these. They are color scripted and other than Black & white, the colors tend to be more pastel/retro than my normal BRIGHT EYEBLEEDY COLORS palette.

My deer parts! They twitch when you're typing and have some gesture based animation too. Ears, antlers and tail. There are 3 coloring options you can chose: Black, white, & brown.

Some shirts inspired by the Venture Bros. The middle one was worn by #21 in the second season and is totally a call out to the GI Joe porkchop sandwiches video. The other shirts are just there for filler. It's really about porkchop sandwiches.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Whats "new" at Gritty Kitty :D

I put new in quotes because I've been forgetting to update the koreshan blog. So most of this stuff has been out for a little while. Since it's been so long since I last updated I'm going to do these in parts.

LETS START WITH THE HAIRS! Cause... yeah, here is the newest to oldest:

Fader!! Made for Fade Dana because she told me to and I'm pretty much her slabe. :/ I've just come to accept that.

Butters has texture change bows and it's cute. I dunno what else to say about this one.

Klaar.. is Cain with the bangs tied back and some little nitpicking. I made this hair because I needed something to wear with glasses. I have not taken it off since. <3<3<3

Cain was made from an anime drawing reference picture, which I will never do again because it's really hard to think of something in 3D from a 2D ref picture. But I like this hairstyle (on me. ;) )

Trillam, named after Trinitee Trillam. It has little pig tails. :D

XD is basically my hair IRL but straight. My hair IRL is this uncontrollable creature that lives on my head and takes the form of how ever it was slept on even if I pull it back, but this is the gist of it.

Kinder is me trying to make the hair of that girl who left "The Fashion Show*" the first or second episode. I really could get through about 2 episodes before I decided that it was the worst thing ever. When I saw her hair again, I realize this looks not really like it :/ Ah well, it was a test of my memory.

So, as always for more current updates about what's going on with the store without having to suffer the on and off again lag of Koreshan, Join the Gritty Kitty group in game or watch the Gritty Kitty blog where you'll get the added bonus of me complaining about lag or my job thrown in with the updates ;D. As well as reference pictures for hairs I make so you can see how badly I interpreted stuff.

* the new piece of shit that Bravo is trying to replace Project Runway with.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Some of us got a late start so we are extending the bake sale until Midnight EST tonight. Check it out if you want to get some food inspired stuff from:
ANA_Mations, Silent Sparrow, Gritty Kitty, Tiny Bird, Schadenfreude, Draconic Kiss, Chicanery, Deviant Kitties, Lazy Places, Mina Junk and Pink Fuel and possibly others that I may have forgotten.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


ZOMG it's that time of year again where we actually bother to put on an event at koreshan. A tasty event. Here is everyone's items that I could get an ad of so far...

Mina Junk treats

Chicanery treats:

Draconic Kiss treats:

Deviant Kitty treats:

Schadenfreude treats:

ANA_Mations treats:

Lazy Places treats (dead toast and Vampire cupcake):
Silent Sparrow Treats:

Tiny Bird Treats:
Gritty Kitty Treats:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

KORESHAN BAKE SALE (It's coming.. not this weekend though)

Due to some sim performance issues, we have to postpone our annual bake sale until next weekend. Once we yell, stomp our feet, hold our breath until we are blue and pass out OR Linden Labs actually does something to fix it, the event will be on.

If you are a newbie to the Koreshan Bake Sales you can expect great things! Well... kinda great... Ok, I'm not going to lie, it's somewhat as mediocre as a real bake sale, but you can get exclusive one time items that content creators have made just for this event.

I don't have a list of everyone who is participating, but it sounded like a bunch of people. I know I'm making something. Uuuh Hyasinth from Silent Sparrow did, Chicanery,Draconic, Sakuradawn from Lazy places... *stares*
Am I the worst PR person or what? I shall end this post now.


Sunday, May 17, 2009


The third annual Koreshan Bake sale will be held on June 13-14, we do have a few limited open spots for this event so any designers should drop me a note card in world, more info to come

Chicanery Turnbull

Monday, April 27, 2009

NEW @ Gritty Kitty


The hunting season hat has antlers and ears (you can't really see them... again, add fail.) It's texture scripted for 18 colors (??? If forgot the final count) The rag is also texture scripted on touch and so is the feather.

Lenin has 3 headband which are each texture scripted on touch.

Devil Collar: Collar with chain tail. This ad does not do it much justice.

Tee Packs:

The tees are worn out and have holes in the hems. But I used Tide so the colors stayed fresh.

All of these are at my main store in KORESHAN.

((PRIZE for people who read. There is a free scarf in the Gritty Kitty Group history. If you want random free things like Tee packs and random accessories/ things I find in my inventory. Join the Gritty Kitty Update group.))

Sunday, April 12, 2009


"Greetings. I'm Vulgar and I am one of the crew at pr0n, located next to Gritty Kitty in the Koreshan sim. " Clears his throat and looks down at his prepared material. "pr0n is a new domicile for human activity that is called fun and where even the more portly can succeed in winning poorly constructed animal statues filled with styrofoam balls in exchange for small pieces of paper. Research shows that humans from this era enjoyed such activities." The slim alien's head tendrils curl and flex as he fiddles with his wrist computer. "This is in no way a crashed escape pod from another solar system selling extra terrestrial contraband."

Here is some of the not at all extraterrestrial contraband that you can find at pr0n.

More to come....

Gritty Kitty: New hair & old(ish) skybox

I'm not dead, just busy. I've been working a lot this year. This hair was inspired by a buzznet "model". The streaks are texture scripted. It's a little hoochie ghetto weave.

Indie kid hair. You can see all inspiration pictures on my gritty kitty blog. This dude had a bitching chest tat. The headband is texture scripted.

Above is a skybox I released in January. The city scape is all drawn in PS (I did a speed drawing tutorial) and it's kinda like living in the penthouse... of a really shitty building. :D Also comes with free laundry.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Whats inside the F@%#ing V-day Box?!

The box is back with another FREE mystery gift inside and because it's Valentines Day the free gift is something for girls it could be something good or it could be something bad, you have to get the box and open it. . It can be found here in plain sight in my store.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Animate Your Vday

This little red heart shaped balloon it animated with a hold and an animation that lifts you whimsically off the ground for a moment and back down with a timed animation.

This bouquet of roses also has a timed animation and hold as well as an animation for the bouquet giver to use while presenting this romantic gift.

Both can be found at Chicanery and Ana-mations