Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shiny cowgirl!

Hair: Refuge Emma
Outfit: :sey Luire [in brown]
Belt: Sinistyle SaddleBag belt (MODDED- I removed some of the bags and tinted the brown)
Hat: :sey Ten Gallon
Boots: Wither Western Boots (MODDED- again.. tinted them)
Leggings: Refuge (from brood outfit)
Glasses: Nala Marco
Skin: Another Skin Mod. Not for sale.

Question to ponder: Am I really that into blogging or did I just download a bunch of fonts this week?
*raises eyebrow*

Bill says I look like a cowgirl stripper... I can see that, but I still look great so he can suck it.
Key points:
  • The outfit is by :sey, it's the top, collar, arm bands and hot pants. It has a cool anime feel to it. The frilly parts are sculpted. The hat is sold separately and is really well textured. UPDATE ON THE COOL GUN: Risey said he's going to make it better and put it out for sale at some point. Again I didn't really feature it cause that's a tease.
  • The boots which I didn't detail shot, but I assure you, are really well textured are from Wither. There are demos you can try on. The ONLY downside to them is that the foot part is kind of long, but I think that's very characteristic of cowboy boots. Fun Noam Childhood Fact! When I was 6-8 yrs old I wore cowboy boots all the time which would sound like a normal thing for a kid to do, but.. I'm from New York, just outside of Manhattan. I don't remember why I wore them, I think my parents just dressed me funny.
  • The glasses! Nala is a really cool place to get glasses. Normally Ottico is the only place I go to, but I found Nala at the LicoLico Mall and went to her main store and pretty much bought everything. The styles range from very anime-esqe to stylish modern frames. All prims, no painted ones.
  • The belt is by Sinistyle. I love this belt but I think in it's original form, which I have long since destroyed, it has a lot more... stuff... going on. I think it has little side bags. It should be mod, so if you want to edit it down a bit you can. I also tinted the brown to be a little darker.
  • The hair is Emma by Refuge. This is one of her new hairs with the new textures. I don't think she made a big deal about her new textures, but she should have. They are really pretty and soft looking. There are more colors than I knew hair came in.
Um... I've totally run out of stuff to say.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I wanna be a badass super hero

Skin: MiaSnow (Dahlia #8)
Outfit: (jacket, collar, pants, vest, leggings) Refuge (Brood outfit)
Ring: :sey ("pein favorite" ring)
Hair: Gritty Kitty (brite)
Poses: LAP

Commencing word spewing now, with hopes you are all like myself and look at the pictures and then click the little LM thingies without actually reading. Seriously other than a lot of "OMG AWESOME" there isn't much substance to my bloggings. :D

I was looking at the feed today and the first thing that popped out at me was the blue skin on . So off to MiaSnow I went to play with her skins. They are all really nice, and I did end up with the blue ones, but this Dahlia one has an awesome mouth so it was the first one I wanted to dress up.

One of the perks of being friends with Trinitee is when she makes stuff, she gives it to me. So whenever I'm looking for a girl outfit, I just type in Refuge and see what's there. HOLY CRAP! How did the Brood outfit manage to sit in my inventory for a couple weeks without me wearing it?!!! I knew about her jacket which looked awesome from her progress pictures, but was totally a girl jacket so I was like :/ being as I'm almost always a boy in game.

I totally change my tune when I have my new bitchin skin and female shape. I didn't realize that Trinitee made an entire outfit for her coat. Let me tell you about it, there is a:

  • snakeskin vest

  • leather hot pants

  • a prim belt

  • leggings with prim garders and sculpted bottoms that drape over the feet like leg warmers

  • O ring collar

  • sculpted coat that as I mentioned is very boob friendly

Everything looks awesome together, but you can wear it separate too. You can get all of that for $L400 at her shop. I'm only putting the price because as her friend, I didn't have to pay for it and I was like holy crap over how cheap she put it out for considering the high quality.

Also in the picture but I didn't highlight it is a really cool gun that Risey Arai, creator of :sey made and had set out as a freebie at his new store location. I didn't want to tease you all because I went to check and it's not there anymore. Instead I highlighted a skull ring I got there a week or so ago. He has a matching bracelet for it too. His work is awesome. Sey rocks. Go look at his new store.

I used the word awesome 6 times. I'm going to make them all green to remind myself to learn a new word someday.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Gritty Kitty: Maine Hair

Maine cause I just got back from Maine. It has a visor. Oooo Aaaa. No, you can't buy the visor in this hair seperate because it is built to tilt. I will be selling a plain old straight forward visor with no hair once I get the textures finished. This is at my main store in Koreshan as well as the store in HarajukuBox and the Block.
I wish I didn't have to go to work right now *procrastinates*

Monday, May 12, 2008

Gritty Kitty: Kobra Kai

This hair can only be found at my main store in Koreshan. Bill picked the name because he said that's the kinda hair that dude from the Karate Kid would have, the one who is like "PUT HIM IN A BODY BAG! *cackle*"

Now I have a desire to watch Karate Kid.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


  Empathetic Mini Monsters that you can share your feelings with... as long as you are feeling love hate or sadness. Sculpted and scripted with wiggly floaty animations you wear them and they float above your shoulder and a little sculpted emote pops out of their head  each comes with a fluid filled display jar that will keep your monster as fresh as the day you bought it.
Transfer Only
Can be found in my Funhouse store in Koreshan 

Monday, May 5, 2008

Gritty Kitty: Czech Mate

New hair that is only at koreshan for now.
I'm going to start working on tipped colors for the new textures soon, so some of the newer ones I've been putting out will have more options.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

minajunk Gallery open

minajunk Refresh open!New minajunk @koreshan
koreshan BAKE SALEも本日4日まで。jellyやイカケーキやイカ飴が貴方をお待ち申し上げております。
jellyBeans Necklace&Tanktops/minajunk(L$0)
Cupcake Monster of Lub/Chicanery
squidCandy/Gritty Kitty
Skin/minajunk wimpy skin(02)
from koreshan BAKE SALE!


My contribution to the bake sale are squid chairs and pops. The chairs hug you when you sit on them. See the above snapshot of Elec Tone looking adorable with all the chairs. They come in Pink, blue and purple.

Cupcake Monsters of Lub

This will only be sold on saturday and sunday may 3rd and 4th during the Koreshan Point Bake Sale The Cupcake Monster of Lub is a small animated friend that you wear, it floats over your shoulder and express its adoration for you with a little pop up heart. You only have two days to get one so if you love cupcakes and monsters act fast heh and if you ask for one after Sunday I will chase you with an Axe.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Koreshan Pointe is having its second Bake Sale with delicious offerings from Draconic Kiss, Gritty Kitty, Chicanery, Scribbles, Mina Junk, Big Boob Boutique, Sinistyle Designs, Refuge, Silent Sparrow, Factotum Dicassel and HaT MecHaNiC. This event will be going on all day Saturday and Sunday so come on out and bring the kids you will be glad ya did.

Koreshan Pointe Bake Sale