Friday, November 16, 2007

New @ Gritty Kitty

Schmoops are sculpted ladies shoes based off a picture of real shoes I found on the web that elka has awesomely identified as the mouse shoes by Marc Jacobs. These are color tint scripted to change the shoe color was well as the note and ear color so you can pretty much match them to anything.
Unlike the RL shoes these don't have whiskers... :( the picture I build them off of was crap. I didn't realize they were mouse shoes. I thought they looked like Shmoos. Squishface from that episode of Sealab 2021.

The totebag is copy only and scripted for 9 different texures. It also has a sculpted skull and Xbones pin and a kitty keychain on it. If you haven't noticed the kitty keychain is now on everything I've made since the kabuki skirt and each product has their special version of it. I collect qees IRL, so I wanted to make my own qee ISL. Kitty might get an update in blender.

And lastly, a freebie. I have put freebies near the entrance of my main store in Koreshan. They look like polaroids taped to the wall.

Up there now is a gritty kitty T-shirt and Totebag. The totebag is scripted for 2 arm animation holds.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gritty Kitty REOPENED


*Snoopy dance*

Friday, November 9, 2007

Gritty Kitty Closed

I'm closing my shop at Koreshan because the game is royally hosed and I don't see any documentation that will help me explain to customers why their items are not showing up in their inventory.

I am also not getting IMs. I am not able to teleport to close satellite stores. I have no inventory or recent inventory.

Because I know that people will keep shopping even when the game is broken, thus adding to the freaking nightmare that is my offline INBOX, I am closing the mainshop.

I will reopen when the game works. And yes I will try to fix everyone's problems even though it wasn't my idea for the videogame's asset server to take a shit on a friday night.

UPDATE: The whole Koreshan sim is not connected to the main grid which is why there are all these problems. Don't shop there until it's been restarted. I can't restart it though.

I have manually delivered every item bought from my store in the past 6 hours. Do not buy from the koreshan location. It will only make me cry.

Maybe puke too.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

フォトショAFK (Photoshop AFK)

さっそく行ってウロウロしていたら、Photoshop AFKというかわいいアイテムを発見しました。
sky boxでやってみたら、そもそもここ(一人空間)では必要ないことに気づきました。
BRB Photoshop AFK : Tableau

最近、Hansode Miasma氏設計の建築物のTextureを作りましたが、建物全体の影を土台に落とすなどの実験をしたので、ひたすらPhotoshopしていました。だからちょうどこんな感じ。

Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Hair Releases at Gritty Kitty

I have 3 releases to share that you can find at my shop in Koreshan.

Tumnus is the newest (released today!) It's sculpted braids and texture scripted hat.

College boy physical is a style I saw in a video... um somewhere >_>() and it was called College Boy Physical. Do you own detective work on what kinda movie that was.

Tokyo Pixie was inspired by a flickr photo I found on the Tokyo_Pixie user account. :) It's very... flippy.

All these styles are unisex based on the logic that I made them for my male avatar. Girls seem to dig em too.