Saturday, October 20, 2007

The obligatory Halloween post

Just when I thought I was going to recycle last years skelekitty costume, Toast Bard put out these amazing skins for halloween. You can get these at her Fashionably Dead satellite store in Cotton Candy Mall ( Russel Bay (222, 221, 27). They are on the back wall in the bottom vendor, which has some non halloween items in it.

These skins are made for girls, but I like them too! (Under the condition that I keep my shirt on at all times.) The above skin is called Head Off! It comes with eyes, skin, a gross neck attactment and a jacket layer of blood. It's a really nice sallow color that screams "I've been dead for a while and probably smell like rot and maggots. :D

The other skin I purchased there was Frozen. This comes with eyes, skin, and an attachment which gives you cold breath and makes you shiver and rub your upper arms.

I really dig this skin. It makes me think about Akira Kurosawa's movie "Dreams."

There are two stories in it that this skin reminds me of: The Tunnel and The Blizzard. Mostly because in the blizzard there is snow and in the Tunnel there are creepy blue soldiers. Yeah... it really has nothing to do with the skin, but the movie is great and I recommend it.

All in all I am insanely happy with my new skins. There are two other skins I didn't pick up, a witch and a Frankenstein girl (who came with a Frankenstein dog.)

Now, as I started before these are girl skins. I'm a femmy guy so that doesn't stop me from buying anything. If you really would like to see something scary though, here is a picture of me with my shirt off in Headless.
That's hot.
Boob shading ftw!


Caliah Lyon said...

The imagery in "Dreams" still haunts my memory even if I watched it long, long ago and have forgotten quite a bit of the movie. Those are some chilling photos.

Thanks for this post.

elka said...

Hey what, my skeleton costume *IS* still cool alright?! LOL No but really, Toast outdone herself once again (does she ever stop being so go damn good???), I purchased it alllll except the head off one (because can't handle gorey, and those "expecting eyes" that are crying make my belly pinch *pout*) - I am kind of surprised you aren't talking about the ketchup n mustard one, it's so well done and hylariously cute! You really look awesome in girl skins you kitty you! Btw, thanks for wearing my tees so often, I see them now and then in your ads and posts, it's such an honor! *purr - hugs*

Noam said...

elka I love everything you've ever made and you should know that. My girl alt has EVERYTHING in your store.

I even bought more Ts yesterday. It's like having my RL T collection ISL.

I got the ketchup and mustard, but I didn't have anyone to wear them with me. :( Kinda lame to stand alone in your skybox like "heeeey I'm a condiment. Woooo!"

Sakuradawn Lei said...

I saw the mustard and ketchup the other day and thought they were the cutest things ever, but didn't think any of my friends liked me enough to wear it with me ^^;

Medical Blog said...

The above skin is called Head Off.

Anonymous said...

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