Friday, October 10, 2008

Things from Gritty Kitty

Happy Halloween damn it! As usual, dollarbie halloween swag at Gritty Kitty locations. This year you get a sculpted orange and black stripey scarf (as is the tradition) in regular and skinny. I have revamped the witch hat from last year with a new buckle and sculpted hat cone. It's still colorchange on touch. Get all that for $L1 at my shops in Koreshan, The Block, & Harajukubox.

The NOT free one:

These headwings are color change (texture scripted on touch) and are modeled after Morrigan's from that videogame... with Morrigan in it.
This is at the Koreshan store and I can't remember if I put it out at other places.


Hot Rockstar said...

Wow this is awesome new stuff!!