Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NEW(ish) HAIR from Gritty Kitty

These are neeeewwww *looks away sheepishly* Ok well at least they are newish. I forgot to update the Koreshan blog for my last 3 releases.

Slant has color change bangs with 18 color options including the natural hair color you purchase (just in case you want nothing to do with this silly streak nonsense.) The script in this is mono-compiled newness and unlike the older script that I used in cani and Crackfox, this one will tell you when the script is loaded. \o/ JOY. This style is at my main store in Koreshan and maybe other places. idk.

Pride is sculptie and was originally made with the "AWESOME" new sculptie build tools that were released recently in a non mandatory viewer update. The problem was that is you didn't update your viewer, which the vast majority did not, you didn't get to see any of the new sculpty menu effects. It has since been fixed to look fine if you don't update. If you purchased it at some point and you see some freaky inside out sculpty business going on, IM me and I'll hook you up.
; )

MAXX is based off this drawing I saw in an anime artbook by some dude named MAXX. This has a sculpted beanie and a bandana underneath it, both of which are texture scripted. the colors are very muted to keep the whole vibe of the drawing. It also has little braids on the sides of the face with beads on the bottom.
I remember that when I made this I was watching a presidential debate... and I was all pissy about something one of the candidates said...
/trails off

This one is also at my koreshan main store.
These are neeeewwww *looks away sheepishly* Ok well at least they are newish. I forgot to update the Koreshan blog for my last 3 releases.


Allagator! said...

Ohmygoshiousness!!!! What is this new viewer you speak of and what are these new sculptie things you say?
*gets excited like electrons*

Noam said...

the most recent release of the SL viewer has new menus under the build toold for sculpts. It lets you pick the stitching type and mirror or invert your sculpts.

Since the new viewer performs so poorly for pretty much everyone, if you use these tools and the person looking at your objects does not have the latest viewer installed, they will not see any of the changes you made with those build tool options.

So say you mirror imaged sculpts to make a left shoe. Your customers without the viewer update would come away with 2 right shoes, one looking slightly fucked up.

Noam said...

OOOH, and just to be clear, I mean build tools as in your BUILD MENU, not as an in game creator of sculpted items.

Allagator! said...

Yea tools of course :/ An in-world sculpting creator...pft that'll be the day!!! Tools are still nice but I guess I will wait until this viewer becomes required...and I think I may even have the new download just been too lazy to create lately to notice the tools. Still awsum though, still awsum!
<3 Allala