Monday, April 27, 2009

NEW @ Gritty Kitty


The hunting season hat has antlers and ears (you can't really see them... again, add fail.) It's texture scripted for 18 colors (??? If forgot the final count) The rag is also texture scripted on touch and so is the feather.

Lenin has 3 headband which are each texture scripted on touch.

Devil Collar: Collar with chain tail. This ad does not do it much justice.

Tee Packs:

The tees are worn out and have holes in the hems. But I used Tide so the colors stayed fresh.

All of these are at my main store in KORESHAN.

((PRIZE for people who read. There is a free scarf in the Gritty Kitty Group history. If you want random free things like Tee packs and random accessories/ things I find in my inventory. Join the Gritty Kitty Update group.))