Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's "new" at Gritty Kitty (Non Hair related stuff)

Yesterday I posted all the new hairs I've made over the last couple months that never made it onto the Koreshan Blog. I didn't want to spam the hell out of people so I waited till today to do the non hair items.

I'm posting this first because I am so proud of it. This bag took me forever to make. I changed the sculpts probably a billion times, I played with the coloring for weeks and in the end, I am sooooo happy with this bag. It's very silly and I had the idea for it when I was drawing on my friend's messenger bag at work. It's like my baby that took 2 months of labor to birth, but it makes me smile every time I see it. I want to sew one irl I think.

A couple weeks ago I had a "I wanna make a bunch of glasses" weekend when I made these and Ducklips. These are texture scripted to change frame color (mostly dark colors) and lens color. I made a bunch of reflection lenses. If you look close at the old man.. you can see a porn website. :D Caaaaaause I'm a pervert.

I wanted some new glasses to wear that were thick framed so I made these. They are color scripted and other than Black & white, the colors tend to be more pastel/retro than my normal BRIGHT EYEBLEEDY COLORS palette.

My deer parts! They twitch when you're typing and have some gesture based animation too. Ears, antlers and tail. There are 3 coloring options you can chose: Black, white, & brown.

Some shirts inspired by the Venture Bros. The middle one was worn by #21 in the second season and is totally a call out to the GI Joe porkchop sandwiches video. The other shirts are just there for filler. It's really about porkchop sandwiches.


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Anonymous said...

The bags really got me. They look interesting and I know someone who would probably love them if they were a real-life item. Thanks for showing them off.