Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hey! Sexyface.

As the mid-morning sun attempts to brightens Randy's living room through his closed blinds,he tugs up his argyle socks,and notices the rush from his breakfast soda and a stirring of confidence along his backbone. Today is the is Randy's Day.

Hair-SiniStyle "Petrelli" Hair
Top-Sci Props STAR TREK - Classic Uniform - Sciences
Bottom-Second Thoughts-Field Khakis from the Gentlemen's Fieldwear set
Socks- Musashi-Do Higlandwind Scottish suit thingy set
Accessories -Inhaler purchased on onrez, Nylon Outfitters-Thick Glasses- Tonic Slip-On black&white-Tricorder available at in a vendor at the Sci Props place-Gritty Kitty Aviation Belt


Sinjun said...

ROFL I love this!! I am a big trek fan too so now I must go buy all of this stuff! Nerdcore!!!

Furiae Blackthorne said...

Brilliant, Chica. I just spat my lemonade all over my screen. More, please!