Monday, January 14, 2008

abura19: Anime Skins for the Badass male

Another find from yesterday was Abura19, a store that specialized in male anime skins. For L$498, you get 3 skins, 3 sets of eyes, a shape and some sort of sumo diaper thing (fundoshi?)

The skins actually do look as awesome as the vendor ad. because of the drawn quality of them, you look like a 2d character in a 3d world. Kind of like cell shaded video games.
You get regular, angry and bloody as skin options. Though regular looks pretty angry.

If you are the creative sort, with the right poses and accessories and the ability to take good snapshots you could easily make your own comics with this skin that actually look like really well drawn manga of sorts!
(The female skin to the right is from "::. ANNE(^-^)ROSE .::" HQ, Awenhai (2, 233, 24)" )

These skins are perfect for cosplay too!

<-- pretend that's a Ryu from Street Fighter Outfit. BUBBLES!!!! I mean uh, Shriuken!!! Abura19, sugamo (118, 164, 22)


eloheliot said...

awsum! rofls @ last pic

abura19 said...

It publishes to a blog. Thank you
Since I am a Japanese, the contents are not understood well, but I appreciate.
Would you teach the name of avatar, if very well?

Noam said...

I wrote the blog Abura. I really like your skins. I think they look awesome in game. :)

Medical Blog said...

Though regular looks pretty angry.