Friday, January 18, 2008

It's story time!

Gather round children as I tell you a tale about Curious George's adventure in the Gossip Girl Sim. No... not the monkey.

One afternoon when the sun was hanging low in the sky, George decided to go for a walk. He put on his trench coat, pulled up his knee socks and ventured out into the mild winter weather. He was wandering the park having a good ol' puff on his pipe when he game across a young lady.

"Oh em gee, like don't you know second hand smoke kills!" exclaimed the young lady.

"What?" creaked George in his old man voice. He was terribly hard of hearing.

"I SAID, You're going to get cancer!" exclaimed the young lady again, feeling very important.

George nodded and smiled. George grabbed the collar of his coat and pulled it open.


"BLARGGG GURGGLE BLEERG" exclaimed the horrid monster, once hidden under George's trench coat.

"You are correct, I'm not wearing pants!" George smiled, under the assumption she'd just came by to politely inform him of his wardrobe mistake.
"You're going to get Cancer" and "you're not wearing pants, sir" sound awfully alike.

The young girl ran and ran and ran and never looked back.

George buttoned up his coat and repacked his pipe, whistling contently to himself.

The non climatic End.

George avatar with shape, hat and skin can be picked up @
D3volution! Skins, HaT MecHaNiC, Muir (25, 167, 54)

The monster flasher trenchcoat can be found @
OmniPotent - animations, Memussi (66, 242, 54)

They really look best together.


elka said...

Haha, funnay funnay!! XD That s*&? is so creepy!!!!
And to whoever wore my dress, well, thank you! :3

Noam said...

That's Fade Dana. We were bored. :)

iskandra said...

BLOODY 'ELL! Gave me the laugh of the day....and gives "tentacle sex" a wholly new meaning...

Alyx Sands

English School. Learn English said...

hehehe, I got the flasher raincoat with the same idea in mind: gossipgirls!. Let's go back together

Medical Blog said...

He was wandering the park having a good ol' puff on his pipe when he game across a young lady.