Friday, May 30, 2008

I wanna be a badass super hero

Skin: MiaSnow (Dahlia #8)
Outfit: (jacket, collar, pants, vest, leggings) Refuge (Brood outfit)
Ring: :sey ("pein favorite" ring)
Hair: Gritty Kitty (brite)
Poses: LAP

Commencing word spewing now, with hopes you are all like myself and look at the pictures and then click the little LM thingies without actually reading. Seriously other than a lot of "OMG AWESOME" there isn't much substance to my bloggings. :D

I was looking at the feed today and the first thing that popped out at me was the blue skin on . So off to MiaSnow I went to play with her skins. They are all really nice, and I did end up with the blue ones, but this Dahlia one has an awesome mouth so it was the first one I wanted to dress up.

One of the perks of being friends with Trinitee is when she makes stuff, she gives it to me. So whenever I'm looking for a girl outfit, I just type in Refuge and see what's there. HOLY CRAP! How did the Brood outfit manage to sit in my inventory for a couple weeks without me wearing it?!!! I knew about her jacket which looked awesome from her progress pictures, but was totally a girl jacket so I was like :/ being as I'm almost always a boy in game.

I totally change my tune when I have my new bitchin skin and female shape. I didn't realize that Trinitee made an entire outfit for her coat. Let me tell you about it, there is a:

  • snakeskin vest

  • leather hot pants

  • a prim belt

  • leggings with prim garders and sculpted bottoms that drape over the feet like leg warmers

  • O ring collar

  • sculpted coat that as I mentioned is very boob friendly

Everything looks awesome together, but you can wear it separate too. You can get all of that for $L400 at her shop. I'm only putting the price because as her friend, I didn't have to pay for it and I was like holy crap over how cheap she put it out for considering the high quality.

Also in the picture but I didn't highlight it is a really cool gun that Risey Arai, creator of :sey made and had set out as a freebie at his new store location. I didn't want to tease you all because I went to check and it's not there anymore. Instead I highlighted a skull ring I got there a week or so ago. He has a matching bracelet for it too. His work is awesome. Sey rocks. Go look at his new store.

I used the word awesome 6 times. I'm going to make them all green to remind myself to learn a new word someday.


Dr. Health said...

How did the Brood outfit manage to sit in my inventory for a couple weeks without me wearing it.