Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Corporate Swag: Food Island

Back from the dead and ready to bring you the fine, fine swag you can pick up from the corporate influence in Second Life. Today I went to Food Island, which is sponsored by Kraft. I think that because there is a huge ass tower of Mac & Cheeze near the area where you TP.

Mmmm... Mac & Cheese.

If you turn the corner you can pick up the nifty free Santa avatar. He has a name tag that says Phil's on his chest, but you can accessorize and cover that up. Maybe with a big flashy bow or um.. uh... a fabulous chest burster by the lovely Fade Dana.

So what else is going on in this sim? Uh. Not much. You can view lots of boxes with textures on them and if you click on said boxes it asks you if you'd like more information. As intrigued as I was about Justice League teddy grams, unless that button shoots cookies out of my monitor, I'm not frigging clicking it.

There is a lot of these. a whole lot. I have a picture. A yep. Brochure browsing at it's finest. Kraft isn't a boring company, so this is disapointing. They had a site called where they had videos of things being microwaved. Things like Gummi bears and Xmas lights. It's gone now >: ( so poop.

  • Swag: 3/5 YAY Santa!

  • Beauty: 0/5 *yawns*

  • Ingenuity: 0/5 *nestles back into chair*

  • Branding: 1/5 *snores*


Helyanwe said...

Santa looks like hes trying a little too hard to look innocent in that 2nd picture.

About Health Blog said...

. Today I went to Food Island, which is sponsored by Kraft.