Sunday, December 16, 2007

Really Freakin Cool Final Fantasy Avatars

Damien Fate, sculpted, scripted, animated these insanely cool Final Fantasy summon spell character avatars. You can find these at his store Mirada. Hairspray (23, 65, 51)

Damien has made AOs for each avatar and each has a HUD where you can chose which spell you'd like them to cast, as well as change their appearance. You can make Shiva smile and Ifrit change skins.

Shiva's face is sculpted for perfection, and there is a choice of sculpted or flexi hair.

Sadly I must note here for all the fanboys, while Shiva's backside is indeed pert, her clothing is drawn on and you will not be seeing Shiva boobies.

You can view you tube demos at the main shop and I assure you they do look as good as the ads. :) Very cool.


Sakuradawn Lei said...

you didn't get the Chocobo? I saw it on slx, looked cute ^_^

Damien Fate said...

Thanks for your kind review! :)

About Medicine Blog said...

You can make Shiva smile and Ifrit change skins.