Sunday, December 16, 2007

春肌 Spring makeup skin Debut

全てのSpring make skinシリーズに2タイプのアイラッシュ(濃いめ・薄め/カラーチェンジ可)とフェイスライト、シェイプ、アイブローが付属されています。一色900L$。
"Spring makeup" skins are now available in 7colors of makeup(blue,white, white-red, pink-yellow, wine, yellow and "After cleansing"as no makeup).
All sets contains face light, shape, eyebrows and 2types of eyelashes(thick and thin each w/color mod). Each sets are priced L$900. Fat packs is also available in L$5000 (all 7colors of makeup sets comes with Gift package, so You can gift it for someone special!)

Enjoy your makeup skins with your favorite outfits. You can also enjoy at home with no make up:)

Demo eyelashes comes with Picture frame. Try it and take snapshot. I have made small flower garden for the background in my store. I am happy if girls like it. Please come to my store and have fun! ==mina==

bag/::Sixty-nine 69::
Hat&Shoes/Sculpties Up in here
knit skirt/Burt Laundry
Necklace/bbb(for CSR)

Translation by Ramona forcella


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Enjoy your makeup skins with your favorite outfits.