Sunday, September 16, 2007

Because girls have nicer stuff... (take 2)

So this week we got on the planet fashion feed and that feed is evil as it makes you want to buy things. O_O Girl things... Well not girl things but.. nevermind. CLOTHES! I haz buy them!

After getting locked out of Noam last night when our sim went down. I hopped on the mouff, shopped, and made 2 outfits, but one was made up entirely of the the most recently blogged and I didn't want to repeat stuff. Here is the other one!

The best find of all last night were these boots! They are scripted so you can change the flowers on each boot. I found them in the Lico Lico sim, which is a sim chock full of loli stuff. Bootstrap has a store there near my shop that I set up last night.

Boots: "Bouquet Boot" Bootstrap (Plush Terra 225, 144, 22)
Socks: "Bettie's Leggings" Corduroy (LicoLico 109, 44, 21)
Shirt: "Peek-a-boo Tank w/ Bra" Wintermoon (Canimal 63, 96, 26)
Jacket: "Knit Shrug (Cyan)" Canimal (Canimal 210, 61, 26)
Skirt: "Mayu-Mayu Pleated Skirt" Tweet (Temenos 156, 108, 107)
Hair: "Viva!" Old Gravy (Unsung Heroes 164, 99, 41)
Right wrist: "Terra Bangle" Tree of SL (Firefly 205, 220, 47 )
Left Wrist: "Aurora Bloom Bangles" Earthtones Boutique (Bushido Bay 52, 177, 25)
Necklace: "Diamond Bee Necklace" Paper Couture (Tableau 160, 106, 0 )

The Background artwork on this post was taken from Miu Mau. She was listed on a feed I check out as "Miu Mau: Amazing doomed cancer-artist!" She is definitely amazing, but I hope she isn't doomed. :(


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