Sunday, September 9, 2007

So I am less of a nerd then I thought...

So I found a quiz just now.. don't everyone get all excited at once :P Hey its my first post, gimmie a break! Anyway I thought this one was fun, well, because I consider myself a nerd.. or at least a dork. Lucky me I the test proved that! says I'm a Slightly Dorky Sci-Fi / Comic Geek.  What are you?  Click here!

How big of one are you? :)


Noam said...

You're not a nerd, nerds are smart!

J/k. >_> That's the best line from the simpsons ever.

Sinjun said...

I am slightly dorky and a comic geek though! :)

Trinitee said...

The lies it tells! It says imma Non-Nerd. Even I know im a nerd. But i guess there's a difference between someone who knows computer programming languages verses someone who will go to star wars conventions dressed like a character from the movie.

Noam said...

I got Nerd King.
Science/Math: 47%
Tech/Comp: 76%
Scifi/Comic: 84%
History/ Lit: 96%
Dork: 46%

First off, what the hell is wrong with reading??
Second off, I think I only score that high for dork because I have sex on a regular basis.

Trinitee said...

See!! Proof that reading is bad. LOL thats why i dont do it :P

Draconic Lioncourt said...

Proof that I am uber smart without being a dork!

I got Nerd God.
Science/Math: 92%
Tech/Comp: 91%
Scifi/Comic: 99%
History/ Lit: 95%
Dork: 46%

and yeah I think the sex questions drop your dork score mostly.

Trinitee said...

did i take the wrong quiz? LOL i dont remember sex questions. haha

Noam said...

Drac quit being so in mensa all the time. It makes the rest of us feel stupid.

Sinjun said...

ROFL wow mine is low.. Stoopid werds! Mez stull smert!

Sakuradawn said...

\o/ I got
Mega-Dorky Sci-Fi / Comic Geek
Science/Math: 5%
Tech/Comp: 17%
Scifi/Comic: 91%
History/ Lit: 16%
Dork: 93%

although should I be this excited about being stupid?? I dunno I'll go console myself in my stack of comics, anime, and sci-fi dvds.

Willis said...

Uber-Dorky Non-Nerd

That's me, I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or not give a shit!!!!

Noam said...

lol, Calm down there preggars.
it's just the hormones!

Krius Misfit said...

I'm a Nerd King

Science/Math 59%
Tech/Comp 76%
SciFi/Comic 98%
Hist/Lit 63%
Dork 46%

so uh, now what?

Noam said...

jump for joy that your nerdy ass got a hot non-nerdy chick?

Willis said...

LOL, every time you tell me to calm down, I burst into giggles.

Damn you Noamtaters, how the hell am I sposed to stab a ho' if you keep making me chuckle!

vrockett said...

Hey Sinjun, Thanks again for the gift. Just seems funny after hour half hour disscussion about gaming and with you being l33t'r, you'd score lower than I.

I am not sure if I am suppose to gloat or cry at this point...

Uber Cool High Nerd:
Science/Math: 80%
Tech/Comp: 89%
Scifi/Comic: 79%
History/ Lit: 71%
Dork: 8%