Sunday, September 9, 2007

Outta The Closet: Outfit 1

Figured since I hermit 90% of the time and hardly leave my home.. I could contribute some of the things I wear while I'm stuck at home. hehe Some of the accessories shown are not for sale.. such as my heart choker, and strappy upper arm band. Now one thing that anyone will notice .. I wear a TON of Sinistyle. Not just cuz im dating the designer.. but because the stuff is naturally kick ass!

Hair - ETD: Tasha - Espresso Burnt
Skin - Celestial Studios: - Vogue Skin: Cashmere (Canimal Glow - Purple)
Tattoos - EtchD: Exo (Colorable!)

Top - Canimal: Rock Angel Top - Grey
Skirt - Nyte'N'Day: Rainment Skirt (Camo)
Socks - SiniStyle: Old Gym Socks Black
Boots - SiniStyle: Shit Kicker Black Boots

Belt - Elec tro Kitty: Jara Belt (Black & Black)
Bracers - SiniStyle: Penance
Necklace - SiniStyle: Dog Tags
Knee Pad - SiniStyle: R Knee Pad (Rusted)


Noam said...

I want to do something like this.. but all I wear is our stuff and freebies.

Trinitee said...

yeah same here LOL minus the freebies. you can do something like.. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy On A Budget :P